Energy Stat of the Week by Pavel Molchanov

Energy Stat: To What Extent Can the U.S. Become a Low-Carbon Economy?

April 22, 2019

Most of our readers focus on energy and have to look at any policy proposal that's energy-related. But even for non-specialists, the sheer relentlessness of headlines in the press about the Green New Deal has been hard to escape year-to-date. Well, today's Stat is not about the GND, since we have previously explained why it is a political conversation starter that is not actually designed to become law, even if it were (hypothetically) to pass Congress. But all this talk about the GND got us thinking: as a practical matter, how much decarbonization is realistic? Could the U.S. sharply reduce its carbon emissions, thereby becoming a truly low-carbon economy? Today we will explore the role of various categories of emissions - everything from power plants to cows - and discuss what it would take for them to substantially decarbonize